Meet our team


BENIAMIN NECHITA                    Founder &                                  General Manager

Ambitious, goal-orientated and self-made progressive thinker. He integrated his passion for sports and well-being in funding the MOOND company. His role allows him to take responsibility for the analysis and interpretation of commercial data for a well-respected and market-leading company.


DIANA FLOREA                               Co-founder &                            Customer Relationship Manager

A recent highly creative Marketing Management graduate. Her artistic approach is crafted in the development process of the company. Customers’ satisfaction and happiness is her main focus.


CHRISTOPHER NDEGWA           Managing Partner                                    

Thanks to his medical background, Chris is our ‘go-to guy' whenever you ask how our products will impact your health and lifestyle. He puts creating positive interactions at the core of his principles. His hobbies include rugby and writing music with his wife.